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Hi, my name is

Kyle Chang

and I am a UX Designer.

About Me

I am a UX Designer who is equal parts bold and pragmatic. My areas of expertise are UX design, interaction design, and information architecture. On one hand, I enjoy engaging with big ideas and alternate approaches to solve urgent problems, but on the other, I deliver results on-schedule and under budget. I think I've found the best balance of both in my approach.

While I am a relative beginner in the world of UX Design, my experience as a business analyst and manager has given me a good sense for creating consensus and getting the right answers to the right questions. 

My current ambition is to contribute to visions of a world where people are more emotionally connected and life feels palpably less tenuous.


How can design be harnessed to evoke desired feelings from users, and what feelings do we want a user to have given the circumstances?  What kinds of mental models do we use in everyday life, and how can the most familiar ones be harnessed in the design of a new product?


I'm always 'on,' and these sorts of questions are always floating around in my mind, so let's talk. I'm eager to work together with others to make big things come to fruition.

In the meantime, check out my CV and let's connect! 

UX Skills



From interviews to usability testing, I can conduct quality UX research.


I can clearly capture the functionality and hierarchy of key features in my wireframes.


Whether paper or digital, I can prototype during any stage of the design process.

I convey complex concepts clearly, and listen to understand.


I can write stories that reflect the behavior of real-life users.


I am proficient in Python, SQL, HTML, and CSS.

Design Skills


From logos to style guides, I can help with your business's branding and identity.


I can design, code, and create websites from start-to-finish.


I can make things look pretty.

Get In Touch

Thanks! Message sent.

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